Insightful, Caring Therapy & Life-Coaching in the San Francisco Bay Area

Are you facing changes or challenges that you want to work through in safety and confidence? Troubled by work, school, relationships, or parenting? Fighting depression, anxiety or life-limiting patterns or rules? Ready for a new beginning? With offices in the South Bay and downtown San Francisco, accessible by bus and train, I offer warm, thoughtful psychotherapy to a wide range of Bay Area clients.

For better and worse, our experience is shaped by expectations and habits that are maintained by loyalty to important relationships, and by cycles of confirming experience. They affect our relationships, happiness, and success.

Therapy can help. Hurtful expectations and habits can be retired, and new habits of relating to life and others can be implicitly learned, or chosen and implemented. In my practice, therapy is as diverse as my clients, following from their deepest and increasingly explicit goals, and their changing moods and preferences.

Growing out of a shy childhood and an early adult focus on physics and neuroscience, my own ongoing journey is one of growing inner safety for emotional presence and integration of thought and feeling, with ever less dependence on youthful habits of “emotional survival.”

In over fifteen years as a therapist and life coach, I have worked with people facing challenges associated with growing up, parenting, generational differences, displacement, work communication and organization, career transitions, substances, sexual preference, ADHD, learning disorders, multiple stressors, grief, depression, anxiety, abuse, neglect, bizarre experiences and relationship issues. My clients often fear that their problems will be overwhelming. Paradoxically, even when experiences are frustrating, grim or frightening for clients, sharing them in therapy is typically relieving, enlivening and even joyful. Curiosity, insight and openness to experience replace guilt, fear and shame. Alternatives then become possible.